Save The Date for George & Kate

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As I officially pass the Bridal Baton on to every other girl who has yet to walk down the aisle, I'd like to turn your attention to one of my recent Save-The-Date commissions and remind you all that I am here, wearing my Illustrator to the Bride hat, no longer my Bridal hat, and that I'm ready to sketch for you!

For this commission, the bride and groom asked me to capture the glamour of a Gatsby-era evening on the Atlantic City boardwalk with the happy couple as a part of the scene. We worked with a vintage poster that they loved and recreated it in my style.

The couple sent the illustration out in the form of a postcard, with their wedding details on the back, just like a vintage postcard you might have picked up from a trip to the shore... cute, right?!

Happy final stretch to September 6th to George & Kate! And thank you for letting me set the tone for your wedding!

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