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Article: Welcome to October


Welcome to October

Welcome to the tenth month of 2014. A month for quiet afternoons in galleries.

The buzz of the summertime city has quieted, the colors have deepened, the light has dimmed. A perfect time to spend time indoors, in a temple of art reflecting on the end of another summer.

The change from summer to fall is a melancholy one. This month, in order to process all this change, pause for a moment before a work of a foregone master.  

As you marvel at this piece, frozen, unchanging, and permanently fixed in the history of beautiful things, remember that seasons rotate over and over like tides, washing in new and different every time but art remains. A piece of art carries forward like a portal into forever. 

Now, go race out to buy a leather midi skirt (already bought mine), and wonder if you need the Stuart Weitzman 50/50s and or the witchy lace ups or the creepy victorian booties. (Answer is you need them all)

Change is upon us! In with the new! But, remember there's always a quiet gallery or museum or painting hanging in your office bathroom waiting to remind you that some beauty can rest peacefully in the realm of forever. 



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