No Pants: A life style, A call to action, A mantra to thrive by

In the 1800's, suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton asked women to take off their petticoats and skirts, don a pair of pantaloons and ponder, "the question is no longer how do you look, but women, how do you feel?"

Today, in 2014, I ask you to ponder this, "If pants were a modern statement of independence and equality two hundred years ago, how are they still a thing?"

Is this progress?

Is this liberty?

Is this justice????

Women of Earth join me, please, and

take off your pants. 

My office mate, a woman of supreme effectiveness as an entrepreneur and friend, Roxy taught me that the key to the future was spending more time without pants on. She draws on her Asian ancestral proclivity to unyielding modernization and her childhood experiences in North Carolina biscuit country to discover this lifestyle of pantlessness - blending both strident progress and relaxed living. Since adopting Roxy's life mantra, I've learned I do my best work, my best cooking, my best thinking without pants on. And I know you do too.

Whose with me? Only about six more hours left in this day before we can go home, wear giant sweaters and no pants and make strides for womankind. 

PS. Buy a print! PPS. Frame that print, girl! 

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