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Article: merry merry! fariss family christmas card by winifred paper

merry merry! fariss family christmas card by winifred paper


A few glimpses of the beautiful Christmas Card that Winifred Paper and I created in collaboration for Anderson's and my first Married Christmas Card!

Look at the custom letterpress job on both card and return address, the painted red card edges, the luscious thick card stock, the illustration of our charming Mulberry Street facade of buildings as we merry & married Farrisses skateboard home on the family longboard with our fluffy Christmas tree!

Why are we skateboarding with a Christmas tree? Well, if you know me personally, chances are you've heard that my husband commutes to work on a skateboard because he's just full of amazing quirks like that. Do I really ride the skateboard with him in tandem? No. In reality I am terrified of the skateboard and fall over from just looking directly at it. But, illustration is better than reality. And so in illustration world, we can ride a skateboard together carrying a tree. Why Not? It's Christmas. Anything is possible! 

I've been dreaming of sending out a Christmas Card with my future husband since I started designing my family card when I was five. And Kelly of Winifred Paper has helped me make this dream a reality in the most merry, perfect way. We met in her Georgetown studio to plan the design over macaroons and she produced this gem in record time! If you have the opportunity to, you must work with Kelly! She's a genius! 

By the way, I still create a card for my parents ever year, we now have an impressive collection of over 20 years of family cards I've illustrated! I'll share that card soon too! 

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