don't you just love fall

barbour fall october

Is it just me or is fall having a moment this year? Apple, pumpkin, assorted gourd harvesting seems to be at an all time high. And dressing the part is an essential part of the equation. In order to reap the bounty of the season, one must be clothed in the manner of a British lord. Tis a good time to be a manufacturer of sporting lifestyle gear. Acting like a member of the landed gentry has never been more in vogue.

I'm buying into this in full force, dressing as if I've just hitched my horse to a nearby citibike station and am popping in to pick up some fresh ammunition for my hunting rifle.

I am now the proud owner of two Barbour coats, one quilted, one waxed, just in case I need to engage in a fox-hunt on my way to the studio.

I am however, sadly, not in possession of the ability to ride a horse or fire any kind of sporting weaponry. But, they say fake it til you make it, right? 






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