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Article: November, radiate from within

November, radiate from within

November has crept in again on the heels of Halloween. No other seasonal shift is quite as abrupt as this one. October and November are true seasonal ninjas. November is just lying in wait while everyone revels in the deafening crescendo of Octoberness on it's final day, Halloween. And then we're all bewildered when the next morning October is no where to be found. 

It's time to bake pies! And roast carrots! And simmer soups! Forget October, that is so yesterday! You're now fully immersed in a new season, get used to it! 

Our new calendar girl is a true beacon of Novemberness through and through. She radiates warmth from within in this season of cold and darkness. November is a time of coming together. Blending families and friends over a tapestry of shared recipes and recounted stories that have ripened with age. 

She wears a ball skirt of tartan plaid, an homage to her father's Scottish heritage. She inherited his imperviousness to the cold and his love of wearing skirts.

And on her ears, giant earrings inherited from her mother. She also inherited her beautiful skin tone and her recipe for 72 hour simmered mole sauce. 

She tends a garden year round, naming each carrot, nurturing each cabbage. She knows that love makes things grow and that the best way to warm cold hands is by filling them with a warm bowl of soup. 

She invites you to stop by for dinner, served at a wonderful old table set beside an open hearth, spread with a hodgepodge of her grandmother's china patterns and filled with ancestral recipes.

Just please be sure to give her three days notice if you want to try the mole sauce! 



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