January Calendar Girl Horoscope

inslee calendar January 2016

The 2016 January Calendar Girl is born in the period of Capricorn, under the sign of The Goat. She is determined and steadfast in her endeavors – in this case, her life long dedication to becoming the perfect ballet dancer.

As a child of winter, the final life cycle in the zodiac year, she has a tendency for behavioral traits often associated with the sage wisdom of the elderly. She has a proclivity for reflection and calling on the past and a prevailing need for self discipline. She loves to wander through museums, paying respect to great artists who came before her, subjecting herself to the quiet, dutifully paying her respect to past genius.

Each January, she visits Degas’ La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans to stare into the little bronze face. She stands before her, mirroring the stoic posture, arms thrown back defiantly, chin upturned, legs presented unapologetically with perfect turnout. She is always moved by this meditation. There is something so humble about this child's stance, she is so much the underdog, as unknown as the young new year.

Yet there she stands without compromise. Defiant, proud. Willing some obstacle to present itself so she can prove her skill. There is so much potential energy in this statue. The pose is that of a dancer waiting at attention, arms ready to spring from her sides and embrace the first strains of the music, legs prepared to launch forth into a grand jete or a series of pirouettes.

To January’s girl, this statue says, “5, 6, 7, 8 and…

 A new year. It is time to face the music, and dance!"

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