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Article: Daphne at the Golden Globes

Golden Globes 2016

Daphne at the Golden Globes

On a whim, Daphne decided to hop a flight to LA yesterday. She threw on an old favorite gown and hit the Golden Globes. Daphne believes strongly in the importance of having a well maintained gown collection on hand at all times incase an awards show pops up unexpectedly. 

It's a good thing she was there. No one else was going to tell Lady Gaga to stop resting her hand on her exaggerated hip padding in her black gown making it look like she was caressing her lower abdomen. The hip pad, while elevated in concept, often creates stumbling blocks in execution. Really, what would the celebrity fashion community do without Daphne's blunt honesty. 

All in all, hip-padding issues aside, it was a great night for women at the globes this year. So much talent, so much genuine personality! Daphne was so thrilled to see favorites like Amy and Jennifer thriving and wearing such waist-line-accenting dresses. 

Now back to New York, she and Doxie are working on candle line... 

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