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Article: bag lady chic

Mary Kate Olsen

bag lady chic

I've had an Olsen twin girl crush since high school. Something about matching tiny people in couture is positively fascinating to me. How do they drink that much starbucks??? And don't those giant purses hurt their arms? Fascinating! As a pretty plain jane accessorize myself, I love pouring over photographs of the twins and their extreme adornment and living vicariously through their layers. I suppose if I had a closet that overflowing with that many gorgeous things I might be tempted to try to wear it all at once too. A few weeks ago I found myself mere inches away from Mary Kate in a restaurant in NYC and it was awesome and totally intimidating. (I felt like an oaf too) It was such fun to illustrate MK. Love getting to glop on all the details and accessories!

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escapades red


So I consider myself to be pretty good at not getting influenced by trends too quickly. But all that goes out the window when I see someone with a new exciting shade of nail polish on. I have no ...

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Inslee By Design

playing house

hello. I thought you might like to see a little peak behind the scenes into stationery show prep central.  i'll be exhibiting may 15th through 18th in nyc and this large circular sign (It will be...

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