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Inslee By Design National Stationery Show News and Events

hello. I thought you might like to see a little peak behind the scenes into stationery show prep central.  i'll be exhibiting may 15th through 18th in nyc and this large circular sign (It will be two feet tall, not two inches like it is here) will welcome everyone to booth 1366, the future home of Inslee By Design at the National Stationery Show! Since Inslee By Design has always lived in the intangible internet world, I had no idea where I wanted to go with the look of my booth. This is the closest thing I will have ever had to a brick and mortar store front and deciding how it should look was overwhelming! In order to visualize the space I decided pretend I was an interior decorator blogger and made a little roomscape (boothscape). What do you think... Obviously there will be a lot more stuff in there than just that. Lots of samples and other illustrations framed, not just that one. Maybe I'll photoshop a picture of me into it to see how it looks with potential outfits. my new leopard print heels are definitely a conflict of interest with the coral rug...

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