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Article: taylor

Inslee By Design


Meet Taylor, author of the ever stylish and witty Shut Up, I Love That Shirt On You ! To see more illustrations of Taylor, pop over to her blog and check out her fabulous new blog header! And be sure to scroll through her many wonderful posts to see where I drew inspiration for my sketches from her delightful outfit posts. Little known fact about Taylor - she was my first fashion blogger friend! We only knew each other as blog entities for the longest time. But now we both live in NYC and hang out on the reg. Just last night we took in the Bon Iver concert in Brooklyn together - which leads me to a question for you all. How do you feel about mid calf boots worn with cut off jean shorts? I had never really contemplated this issue until last night when I was surrounded by a sea of Brooklyn's finest hipster waifs lilting around on their skinny, long legs wearing distressed work boots with shorts. I have to say, on the right person, it looks very relaxed and cool. I may have to do a blog post on my case study re: the hipster.

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four girls

Four sketches I did for a boutique in Old Town Alexndria called Zoe. If you haven't ever been to Old Town, you must go! Its DC's best kept and most charming little secret. Susan, the store'...

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arm festival

Good Monday to you all. Today, well for the past week really, I have been thinking about bracelets. I've always been impressed by people who can wear a lot of accessories at once, particularly a ...

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