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Good Monday to you all. Today, well for the past week really, I have been thinking about bracelets. I've always been impressed by people who can wear a lot of accessories at once, particularly a lot of bracelets, but recently my appreciation for the art of accessorizing has turned into a need to try it myself. So i went and put all my bracelets on at once. ...And it did not work. Apparently, accessorizing the arm party is rocket science. i had to take them all off and start over, carefully deciding what worked with what. For example, I've heard  "mix your real jewelry with costume pieces" ...well... costume baubles are glaringly fake next to the patina of real gold. and if a bangle is too loose it will lose its place in the lineup and end up annoyingly at your elbow or threatening to fall off your arm all together. And then I realized I had over shot the target and put too many things on the right arm and the left was bare. The gravitational pull on my right arm was throwing off my balance. Which is really pretty dangerous considering I already crash into things/fall over at least three times a day. Really, its complicated. For now I'll stick with what i know best - my two tiny little gold strands. One from Paris from my oldest friend, one from DC from my mother. Tried and true and about all that my sense of balance can handle.

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