uniform change

illustration Inslee Inslee By Design spring The Sketch Book trench coat watercolor

spring time means the return of my favorite uniform piece, the trench. why is the spring trench so delightful? because it is usually not black. for the past few months my uniform has been over the knee boots, puff coat, sweaters, skinny jeans - all of which are worn in some shade of grey or black. time to dress up? how about a nice grey dress and... you guessed it, black tights and black pumps. things have gotten very dark around here. i know all the blogs toast the delights of wearing neons year round and go into detail about how to spruce up your winter wardrobe with pops of color. but ultimately, i am what i am - a uniform girl. in winter i wear black and that is just the way it is. so as the temperature creeps up i am eagerly reintroducing color into my wardrobe and packing away my black uniform until next year.

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