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Article: Lily




I am in love with this blog Lily Says Go

Apparently everyone else already knew about it? Ahh where have I been? And I took one look at her and said to myself, "this girl is a dancer". Lily, am I right? I just know it when I see it. That awareness of how a dancer holds herself.

I realized this sketch would have been way more fun a month ago. But you know what, why don't we just get started getting excited about next Christmas now. This outfit has me fast forwarding to the merriment already.

And the best part about it? She made that amazing tulle skirt out of an old prom dress.


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WOW!!!!You all are the best friends a girl could ask for. Look how many of you came to my rescue with amazing input about my last post. I am brimming over with appreciation and love for you all. Th...

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fashion illustration

still sketching

i'm still sketching in the gold tipped sketchbook. here's a recent has been a little tricky to keep up the motivation to sketch in here as the days begin to develop projects and proble...

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