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Article: chit chat

chit chat


I am not a phone call person. I will go to great lengths to avoid using my phone for anything other than typed communication and come up with endless reasons why I should just wait and "call later" whenever I need to call someone.

So imagine my shock when I got an email from verizon reprimanding me for exceeding my allotted talk minutes for the cycle. Me? Use up my voice minutes? Impossible!  There must be some mistake!

And then I thought back about the calls to the wedding venue and the calls to the church and the calls to the photographer and the calls to seemingly everyone in my phone book to share our happy news and the long list of people I still needed to call to talk about flowers and dresses and bands oh my... and it started to make sense.

Wedding planning has turned me into a talker after all. Time to upgrade to unlimited minutes!

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Fashion illustrator

madame carven

 No, I didn't sketch that. Though how I wish I had! Isn't she lovely? My fiancé... will I ever get tired of saying that?? just returned from Paris with a vintage book of Madame Carven's 1950's era ...

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fashion illustration

rent the runway

Getting ready to pack my bags and fly off to the beach for the wedding of one of two of my most favorite people this coming weekend. Isn't that the best feeling? You know what else is the best fee...

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