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Getting ready to pack my bags and fly off to the beach for the wedding of one of two of my most favorite people this coming weekend. Isn't that the best feeling?

You know what else is the best feeling? Playing dress up with gorgeous dresses that I could otherwise never buy on my illustrator budget thanks to Rent The Runway.

I rented for the first time for a wedding in Texas last month and loved it. I got to wear a style I'd never buy myself, a skin-tight lace "mermaid" gown. It was great feeling like someone else for a night and then shipping it back the next day feeling all the lighter without it in my returning luggage and with the knowledge that I could, in fact, enjoy wearing a form-fitting floor length dress. And the best part was knowing that it wasn't going to spend the next six years forlornly hanging in my closet before I would finally consign it.

Today I'm waiting expectantly for this "MSGM watermelon dress" for this weekend... I'm excited to try the high-low hemline, another trend I'm not sure I'm ready to own but can't wait to rent

Have you all tried RTR? I'm not going to lie, it is a little stressful. What if I don't actually fill up the dress the way the gorgeous model does?! But now that I've done it successfully, I kind of enjoy this outfit russian roulette. It really adds a new element of fear/intrigue to going to friends' weddings. What can I say, you gotta play to win!

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