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Article: noteworthy?

Inslee By Design


these are two possible designs I'm working on for new cards! i want to have lots of fresh new cards ready for the national stationery show, what do you think? I love love love peacock feathers and have been wanting to add a feathery note card to my line forever. but ok be honest with me here... when you look at this set of feathers, do you see Wall-e starring back at you through his giant mechanical eyeballs? see what i mean? maybe its just me...

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Happy birthday to Julia! and to Maggie! happy (belated) birthday that is. i appear to be slipping up on my birthday illustration punctuality. these are two of my favorite marathon running gi...

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Atlantic Pacific 123

Hello! Happy Thursday. It is an amazingly beautiful spring day in DC. Made all the more beautiful by the fact that yesterday was disgustingly ugly. DC weather is a cruel mistress. Which brings m...

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