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Article: required reading

required reading

In a perfect world I'd find more time to read the news. Between the Portlandia skit "Did you read it?" and living with a boy who has somehow read every piece of literature pertaining to... everything... ever written, I am developing a bit of a complex about my reading habits and apparent lack of intellectual curiosity. It's a good day - amazing day - when I can read all my email. And by the time I finish doing that, the chances that I'm going to sit down and go in search of more reading material are very slim. Or, if I do, lets be honest. I'm going to read Game of Thrones. But this is unacceptable! I am a business owner and an adult. I should at least be reading news that pertains to my profession. So, I think I'm going to make a resolution about resolutions - new ones for each month. This month (I cant believe its almost February) it will be my February resolution to start finding time each week to read the news.

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seize the day

The strangest thing for me about being self employed is the level of control I have over my days. it can be a lot of pressure. It's daunting to know that I have so much flexibility in how I spend...

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Inslee By Design


This new card is available today! It is a flat correspondence card and is perfect (in my opinion) for Valentines Day. Interesting Fact: I named it Valenciennes after a classical pattern of lace ...

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