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Article: Valenciennes

Inslee By Design


This new card is available today! It is a flat correspondence card and is perfect (in my opinion) for Valentines Day. Interesting Fact: I named it Valenciennes after a classical pattern of lace that originated in France around the time of Louix XIV. I love this word. It sounds like Valentine, but better. So lovely. So thats the back story of the new card now... Go buy it!

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fashion illustration

required reading

In a perfect world I'd find more time to read the news. Between the Portlandia skit "Did you read it?" and living with a boy who has somehow read every piece of literature pertaining to... everyt...

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Happy February

Time to change the calendar! This month's illustration is inspired by a beautiful cashmere look by Michael Koors and of course by my love of artfully arranged bookshelves. Or, rather I should say...

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