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Article: jerrell renee

Inslee By Design

jerrell renee

Hello, here's a little something I've been working on: Meet Jerrell and read her blog here! Jerrell contacted me and asked me to help illustrate her blog. She writes about and showcases beautiful images of her favorite things. Such as desserts (we see eye to eye)... reading (she's a law student)... running... and fashion... be sure to stop by her blog, she has a lovely collection of images to browse through!

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katie armour


Look, its Alfred! I've sketched so many stylish bloggers over the last two years, so today I thought I'd share something new and different. A sketch of a blogger's puppy! This is Alfred, one of ...

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white and blue

this morning my yoga teacher shouted at us "its seven am and you are doing the splits, what else could you want!?" i will not go into detail about the answers that ran through my head... but onc...

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