white and blue

illustration Inslee spring The Sketch Book watercolor

this morning my yoga teacher shouted at us "its seven am and you are doing the splits, what else could you want!?" i will not go into detail about the answers that ran through my head... but once i got over my initial rage at his early morning happiness i realized that i actually really loved the sentiment of "what else could you want?" and wanted to apply it to the end of every sentence. wouldn't the world be a better (more yogic) place if we rejoiced this way after every thing we said ? i think so... so now i shout at you in all my early morning enthusiasm, "its friday and its almost spring, what else could you want?" perhaps a sketch to celebrate the occasion with a billowing white skirt. isn't navy and white the perfect spring color combination? see, it works here too - "navy and white, what else could you want?" happy weekend!

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