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Fall in New York: The September '14 Calendar Girl Story

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    A new month, a fresh new start to the next season with a fresh new sketch in the city that's best in the fall.  I sketched this girl with the lithe beauty of Karlie Kloss in mind. I was imagining she was just hailing a cab somewhere cute, like on the corner of Mott and Prince.  And wouldn't you know it - now that I live in Nolita - I see Karlie on the corner of Mott and Prince all the time. We're practically BFF-regulars together at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop. What can I say, life in Nolita is...

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It's August!

Inslee Calendar The Sketch Book

Happy August! Have you ridden your elephant today? Just remember, not all those who wander are lost. They may just be fulfilling their lifelong dream of traveling to Thailand and riding an elephant. When I painted this fearless traveler I was in the throes of helping a friend plan her honeymoon to do this very thing. Don't you like how I say that as if I played a bigger role in this than her now-husband? (I didn't) But at the time I felt as though I was taking this trip right along with her, I was so emotionally invested in...

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Meet June

Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar june 2014 The Sketch Book

Hello! Meet June, she's going to make a mango and avocado salad with a lime vinaigrette later today and her entire wardrobe is comprised of white and varying shades of nautical blues.And yes - I am back! Married, moved in to a new apartment, and eager to re-enter civilized, email answering, dry cleaning-fetching society and the work force. Stay tuned for more regular blog posting at last!

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January '14

2014 Calendar Inslee Calendar january The Sketch Book

  Welcome to the first month of the 2014 Calendar! So sporty and confident, just like me when I go skiing...It's true, I'm an amazing skier. I never complain that everyone else is going too fast, or that I'm cold! I never even complain that "I am not going down that one, absolutely not, no no no!" while standing at the top looking down a run and I certainly never tell anyone repeatedly that my fingers and toes are numb. Truly, I am a joy to ski with...You probably detected a hint of sarcasm there.Ok, I admit it, I'm no Lindsey...

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2014 Calendar + Piperlime OMGifts

2014 calendar Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar News and Events OMGifts piperlime

 How fun is this!? Piperlime has launched a new holiday product called the OMGift. It's a carefully curated, wrapped box filled with amazing little gifts and my 2014 calendar is one of them!It's like a birchbox for giving presents, genius right? There's one for the hostess, for the office pal and for your BFF. And while my calendar is obviously the perfect gift for these three (and all other) categories, you can find it in the Office Pal box.What do you say, pretty neat right? It's just another example of what having zero PR can get you. Just keep working hard, doing what you love and a brief...

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